Save Money. Breathe Better.

Introducing the Monarch Allergen Filter

After years of prototype testing design to create the most effective and cost efficient filter, the Monarch's revolutionary steel frame design is patent pending.

The frame's re-usability and compact shipping design of the replacement pleats provide unmatched value and convenience to our customers.

Buy the Frame Once, Save Money in the Long Run

After purchasing the Monarch we are able to eliminate the frame cost which allows us to ship the filter replacement more efficiently. 

Maximizing shipping efficiency leads to savings on our side which we pass along to you.

How It Works

Replace in seconds.

Breathe Clean Fresh Air.

Monarch Allergen Protection Filter | MERV 11
  • Hinge Gate System

    These gates move up and down to make the filter changing process quick and easy.

  • Allergen Blocking Cocoon

    Superior quality MERV 11 filter material that blocks harmful allergens and pollutants.

  • Smart Capability

    Receive a text when it's time to change your filter. 

  • 24 Gauge Steel Frame

    Sturdy and long-lasting frame eliminates cardboard waste.

Easy Filter Changes With Revolutionary Design

Unfasten the gate, remove the pleated media, and slide in a new one.

Keep the Environment Clean

Less Cardboard in Landfills- Our filter's steel frame eliminates the cardboard frame which greatly reduces the amount of cardboard that will be placed in landfills


Less Deforestation- There is no need to cutdown unnecessary trees to filter your home.  


Unparalleled Value

By eliminating the cheap cardboard frame we reduce waste and the pointless inefficiencies.

After you have ordered the Monarch, simply repurchase the pleated filter insert when needed.

Air Filters on Autopilot

Receive a text from us every 3 months to remind you to change your dirty filter. 

This ensures that the air you breathe is always clean so that you never overuse your filter again.


Loved by homeowners.

My family has bad allergies and air filters were costing me a fortune.  So thankful for the Monarch.  Now we get even better filteration at a fraction of what I was originally spending.  

Fantastic investment!  Seems like this should have been invented a long time ago.  Air is clean and air flow is great.  Buying 2 more for my other units! Get it, it's a no brainer. 

I can never remember what size filter I have or for the life of me when I installed it.  The simple text reminder puts changing filters on autopilot.  It's super easy to change and has saved us a ton money.