Save Money. Breathe Better.

Washable HVAC Filters

-Enhanced HVAC Effectiveness

-Cleaner, Healthier Air

-Premium Craftsmanship

-Quick & Easy Installation

-American Made

Merv 8 Washable Filters!

-Washable and reusable Merv 8

-99.99% inactivation of SARSCoV-2 (COVID 19) viral particles

-Proven post wash MERV 8 ratings

-Low resistance (0.14″ w.g.)



Loved by homeowners.

My family has bad allergies and air filters were costing me a fortune.  So thankful for the Monarch.  Now we get even better filteration at a fraction of what I was originally spending.  

Fantastic investment!  Seems like this should have been invented a long time ago.  Air is clean and air flow is great.  Buying 2 more for my other units! Get it, it's a no brainer. 

I can never remember what size filter I have or for the life of me when I installed it.  The simple text reminder puts changing filters on autopilot.  It's super easy to change and has saved us a ton money.